Thank you for your enquiry. Orion Browser++ is being replaced with a brand new iOS based VPN suite of products and tools. It was officially removed by the developer on the 7th July 2017 (verifiable by Apple) with no active users. We thank all our past customers and look forward to bringing out a new series of combined multi-platform security products in partnership with one of the worlds' largest technology innovations magazine. Stay tuned!

We have been alerted that a self proclaimed 'public figure' who will not provide his name, known as @Intern0t, @BryanOnel86 or MaXe has attained a modified illegal pirated version of our software and purported to produce a false 'vulnerability report' after the App was voluntarily retired. Any news or publication you read on this is false and will be subject to legal action. Any news agency deciding to report on this is strongly advised to check the facts and attain a history of this criminal (and current proceedings) by contacting